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KWIs- Key Welfare Indicators, are really making it into farming. Welfare outcomes are measures which relate to the animals, and Key Welfare Indicators are the metrics created for each farmed species, and farm system. They are increasingly being used to improve and maintain animal welfare standards.

KWIs let the farmer, the retailer, and sometimes the consumer know what the organisation is doing in their animal welfare work, and how they are doing it. KWIs can allow the early identification of animal health and welfare issues at farm level and help direct implementation of corrective measures.

KWIs can help to see, and bridge, the gap between actual and hoped for performance. The ‘measure and manage’ approach using KWIs is now the heart of many retailer policies on animal welfare, and is used to benchmark performance and to share best practice.

The course covers;

Part 1

How is a KWI different from a KPI

The short history of KWIs

What the use and the consumer of KWIs might hope for

KWIs must mean something real – to the animals and to the users

        Part 2

        What makes a good KWI

        What can break a KWI

        Pitfall of KWIs

        Benefits fo KWIs

                Part 3

                What KWIs might deliver, what KWIs probably can’t deliver

                KWIs – don't make promises you can’t keep!

                Building blocks of a KWI -

                    Being realistic

                    Being repeatable

                    Being meaningful

                    Being practical

                                Part 4

                                Giving back KWI information – don't just hoard it!

                                Testing KWIs – patience!

                                Cases – build yourself a KWI

This course is designed to help participants understand the fundamentals of KWIs, and how to develop, deploy, and manage meaningful KWIs.The KW/PI Course is for all sorts of people who use animal welfare measures, farmers, farmer organisations, food business and industry, people who are designing retailer and scheme documents, people who want to know about how to guage animal welfare in their sector, governments, and NGOs.

The KWI course will provide you with the tools to understand the power and pitfalls of KWIs, and to develop your skills in KWIs development through practical case exercises.

The 2 day course results in a certificate of attendance from Animal Welfare Training Ltd.

Key Welfare / Performance Indicators

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