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UK dates 2021

The first Animal Welfare Officer course was authored by AWT in 1993.  Since then it has been / continues to be delivered in many parts of the world as a detailed introduction to the science, legislation and professional realities of welfare during production and processing.

Internationally the industry has continued to evolve through continual integration of animal welfare into procedures and practices.  The Welfare Officer is a nominated member of staff who’s experience and position enables the business operator to implement, achieve and maintain welfare standards and measurable welfare outcomes.

Over the 26 years the courses have been running they too have evolved with the requirements of the industry, technology, science, legislation.  As a consequence of AWT’s international portfolio the courses are constantly updated to include unique HD material from AWT’s library as well as new concepts and design of the presentation for training purposes.

Since April 2020 AWT has continued to deliver training courses worldwide using the Zoom platform.

AWT hopes to resume both residential and on site training worldwide as soon as possible.

To enquire or book a training course please send email by clicking here or using the ‘contact’ page.