Consultancy Services

Full welfare consultation - A complete welfare assessment of livestock from arrival through the primary processing system. This assessment can include any elements of the services detailed below.

Trouble shooting - A consultancy service is offered to identify the cause of problems within the production system that are having a negative effect on animal welfare, product quality and / or the ability to achieve a satisfactory audit result. This consultancy can also be performed in response to a retailers request for an independent assessment.

Corrective action - This service is particularly useful following an audit. It aims to work systematically through the issues raised at the last audit and provides immediate and long-term solutions.

Equipment assessment - A detailed examination of the equipment used with live animals within the plant. For example, an assessment of the electrical stunning system / mechanical stunning system / gas system.

In-house practical training - Practical training on the slaughter line can be performed by experts within the group. Typical topics include the assessment of effective stunning following waterbath stunning and the use of a back-up poultry killing device. This type of training does not result in an AWO / PWO certification. For more formal training in animal welfare theory and practical application please consult the training page.

Each service can be adapted to your requirements.

Auditing and inspection -

Brand protection and production chain - A downstream audit is performed from the product in the store, through the processing plant, transport and back to the farm. This will verify that the entire product chain is secure, rather than just individual links. This results in an independent report against the scheme standards to verify provenance of the product.

Livestock standards and quality systems - AWT staff are recognised experts in the field of animal welfare and food production. An inspection can be performed against any livestock standard or quality system and an independent impartial report will be produced. This service can be combined with a consultancy exercise, where solutions will be offered to any issues identified.