Confidentiality - Fact finding & Training needs analysis

We have and continue to work across Europe, Asia, Oceana, Central & South America working with Governments and many of the largest meat production and retail companies in the world delivering professional services appropriate to the needs of the organisation or company.

Confidentiality, care and sensitivity are essential where commercial interests or profound cultural and religious differences exist.  We understand better than most the sensitive nature of the material involved and DO NOT COMPROMISE on the appropriate constructive use of any material used for the purposes of training.  With decades of experience internationally for delivering consultancy and training in animal welfare it is essential that the local industry, government, academic institutions are both protected and reassured that the use of any data or media are for the benefit of the contracting organisation and that they are used sympathetically AND ONLY where relevant and with express permission.

To any organisation or company the requirement for particular welfare / quality issues to be explained and subsequently integrated into the training requires each and every course or program to adapt to local requirements, contain relevant information and be sympathetic to local knowledge and resources.  For these reasons the courses are ‘media rich’ allowing specific and relevant issues to be discussed and resolved during the training course.  To achieve and maintain this recognised high standard of presentation AWT Ltd. prefers to conduct a fact finding and training needs analysis pre-visit to obtain data and media prior to training.  This resource is then integrated into the course material in order to ensure that as well as covering key welfare and quality issues the customer requirements are also specifically addressed.